Final stage of implementation of PediGri® On Line extends transparency of information to all Grifols plasma derivatives


The company's commitment to transparency of information in the form of PediGri® goes back to January 1996 and has gone a step further today with the implementation of PediGri® On Line for all Grifols plasma derivatives.

The introduction of PediGri® On Line is consistent with the company's long history of providing innovative products and services to healthcare professionals.

Grifols´PediGri® has been available for more than a decade to healthcare professionals from several countries who registered for this service. In the first stage, PediGri® was applied to products manufactured in Spain and with this final stage it now extends to all Grifols´plasma therapies including those manufactured in the USA (Albutein®, Alphanate®, AlphaNine® and Profilnine® SD).

Grifols´PediGri® system offers full traceability from plasma donation to final product. By simply entering the lot number found on the product vial, syringe or ampoule, medical professionals can view specific information about each plasma donation used in its production, the complete certificate of analysis for the lot, and the package insert. In order to use the system, healthcare professionals must register on line at

PediGri®, Grifols´commitment to complete transparency of information.
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