Grifols presents BlisPack®, an automated blister identification and opening tool for medications in the hospital


Grifols, one of the leading companies in the development of products and services for hospital pharmacy, has created BlisPack®: an automated system which cuts, repackages and identifies medication blisters for hospital use.

The system, the first of its kind in Europe, was the product of research and development carried out by a multidisciplinary team including professionals from Grifols´ Hospital division and engineers from Grifols Engineering.
BlisPack® simplifies the process of packaging medication in unit doses and also guarantees its correct identification through a barcode format which can be defined by the hospital depending on its needs (and the future requirements of other electronic systems). This system will help reduce errors in the administration of medications to hospital patients by allowing nurses to electronically check that the medication they are about to administer to the patient is the one prescribed by the doctor.

BlisPack® also responds to the needs of hospitals, which generally receive medications in blisters from the pharmaceutical industry and which, until now, have had to transform them into unit doses manually because no automated alternative existed. BlisPack® automatically cuts the blister to obtain the unit dose of the medication while retaining the manufacturer´s original packaging.

No additional installation is required for BlisPack®, which can be set up in any medication preparation area with a power source and local network connection.