Grifols introduces Mix2Vial™ Filter Transfer Sets


Los Angeles, California (April 23, 2010). Grifols USA, LLC (Grifols) today announced the availability of the Mix2VialTM filter transfer set for the reconstitution and administration of Grifols' coagulation therapies. The Mix2VialTM transfer set is a plastic, needle-free transfer device with a built-in 15 micron filter specifically designed to be used with the Sterile Water for Injection diluent packaged with Grifols coagulation products. The Mix2VialTM is a simple to use transfer device designed exclusively for Grifols' coagulation therapies.

"As someone who has a bleeding disorder and has to treat regularly, I like the way the Mix2VialTM is made to fit the solution because it makes the reconstitution process quicker and easier," said Lesa Kaercher, who serves as the HFA Board Representative for the Bleeding Disorders Association of the Southern Tier. "The Mix2VialTM makes me more comfortable with the whole process because it is easy to use and doesn't require any needles to mix the medicine," she continued.

The Mix2VialTM transfer set rapidly transfers water to the product vial making the reconstituted coagulation therapy immediately available for aspiration into any luer lock syringe for injection. "We continually strive to meet our customer's needs and enhance the convenience and ease of using our medicines." commented Bill Stopher, President of Grifols USA. "Introduction of the Mix2VialTM transfer set represents just one more step we can take to address the challenges of living with hemophilia," Stopher said.

Availability of the Mix2VialTM transfer set will be phased in over several months. Currently, DemoPacks are available for instructional purposes so that patients, parents and nurses can become familiar with the new system.

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