Grifols Academy of Plasmapheresis opens in US


Grifols, a Spanish holding company specialising in the pharmaceutical-hospital industry and a leading manufacturer of plasma derivatives, has opened its Grifols Academy of Plasmapheresis in Arizona in the United States. The initiative is a strong commitment to employee training and knowledge sharing that will boost innovation driven by human resources, a determining factor in the pursuit of excellence.

The Academy will offer advanced training in all processes relating to the harvest, analysis and control of plasma as well as plasma derivative production processes. This knowledge will be complemented with focused courses and seminars on issues such as bioethics, economics and quality, among others, that will contribute to knowledge sharing across the company and an overarching vision, with the pursuit of excellence as guiding principle and an ethics centred on the well-being of people.

In this sense, the Grifols strategy is to move ahead by promoting initiatives that cater to the degree of specialisation its industry requires. In the longer term therefore the Academy-based training is expected to become a recognised qualification.

This necessarily means having to coordinate between the company and the Academy. The Academic Committee is made up of recognised specialists working at one or other of the Group companies, while the faculty members, themselves Grifols employees, are vastly experienced in their respective fields.

The Academy is housed in a newly built annex to one of Grifols´ plasma donation centers, with teaching venues, conference rooms, a clinical laboratory, faculty offices, a cafeteria and transport. Audiovisual equipment and multimedia support are available for interactive courses and distance-learning classes, while being next door to a donation center will allow students to apply their learning in a real-life context.

Teaching at the Academy started at the beginning of 2009 with the launch of a programme divided into four disciplines: Medical Sciences, Quality, Technology and Operations, Human Resources and Management. Principles of quality and ethics, Plasma derivative therapies today and tomorrow, and Anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system are among the courses offered.

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