The Martin Villar Haemostasis Awards ceremony held in Barcelona


At a ceremony held at the company´s Museum, Grifols presented the prizes of the first edition of the Martin Villar Haemostasis Awards to the three winners, with prizes totaling 40,000€. The jury was composed of 7 international researchers specializing in the field of hemostasis.

The first prize was awarded to Javier Corral from the Regional Blood Donation Center at the University of Murcia for his publication Antithrombin Cambridge II (A384S): an underestimated genetic risk factor for venous thrombosis. The publication reveals that the A384S antithrombin mutation is the most frequent cause of antithrombin deficiency in the Caucasian population and is a prevalent genetic risk factor in venous thrombosis. Routine testing methods for antithrombin deficiency in plasma do not detect this anomaly, leaving this alteration largely underdiagnosed.

Research studies published by Irene Lopez Vilchez from the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, entitled Tissue factor enriched vesicles are taken up by platelets and induce platelet aggregation in the presence of factor VIIa and by Andra James from Duke University of North Carolina, entitled Bleeding events and other complications during pregnancy and childbirth in women with von Willebrand disease won the second and third prizes.

The Martin Villar Haemostasis Awards were established in 2007 and are granted annually in recognition of original work for basic or clinical research on blood coagulation disorders published in the English language in any of the international journals included in the Citation Index. The Victor Grifols Lucas Foundation has instituted these awards with the objective of fostering scientific research and honoring Dr. Jose Martin Villar, a world-renowned hematologist whose scientific rigor, determination and leadership in the 1980s greatly improved factor VIII concentrates for the treatment of hemophilia.

About Grifols

Grifols is a Spanish holding company specializing in the pharmaceutical-hospital sector and is present in more than 90 countries. Since 2006, the company has been listed on the Spanish Continuous Market and forms part of the Ibex-35. Currently it is the first company in the European sector in plasma derivatives and the fourth in production worldwide. Grifols has invested heavily in its plasma procurement infrastructure and manufacturing facilities resulting in a vertically integrated company and strengthened its leadership in the industry. These recent investments combined with the ongoing investment plan to be completed in 2012 and totaling 400 million euros will ensure Grifols ability to meet the growing demand for its life saving therapies for the next 10 years.