Grifols Phocus Rx® Pharmacy Workflow Management Solution Now Integrates With Top Hospital Information Systems via HL7 Interfaces


  • Phocus Rx® enhances safety and improves hospital pharmacy workflow efficiencies with real-time electronic data warehousing and preparation history for drug traceability, retrospective reviewing, and business decision analyses for hospital pharmacies
  • Bidirectional interfaces with top electronic health records (EHR) vendors via Health Level 7 (HL7) interface, label print feeds, or shared folders

Barcelona, Spain, August 22, 2017 – Grifols (MCE: GRF, MCE: GRF.P and NASDAQ: GRFS), a leading global producer of plasma-derived medicines and provider of technologies and services for hospitals, clinics, and compounding centers, announced that Phocus Rx®, a  noninvasive workflow management system for remote validation and documentation of manual intravenous compounding processes, now interfaces  with three of the top five U.S. hospital information systems (HIS) to advance gains in workflow efficiencies and accuracy of patient-specific and batch preparations.

Phocus Rx facilitates proper preparation, remote inspection, and dose tracking in hospital pharmacies. It also enhances safety via barcoded drug identification to prevent the use of incorrect drugs, batch recipe management with onscreen instructions, and label printing, and minimizes the presence of wires or devices in the compounding area to provide clear images.

"Phocus Rx has always been adaptable to our clients' existing processes and many types of hoods or open compounding environments. We are very pleased to announce that we now have HL7 order interfaces live with the industry's top EHR systems," said Juan Miguel Cana, General Manager for North America Sales of Grifols Hospital Division. "Phocus Rx has the ability to receive order messages from our clients' EHR systems while outbound interfaces provide valuable real-time information, including compounding status, National Drug Code (NDC), lot, expiration, and other data received or created in the system directly to the EHR. We support many interface protocols including Lower Layer Protocol (LLP) sockets, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and file-based."

The Grifols i.v. TOOLS™ portfolio of products and services, of which Phocus Rx is a part, leverages Grifols' experience in sterile manufacturing, commitment to patient safety, and a legacy of innovation to deliver solutions to the regulatory, economic, and safety challenges faced by today's hospital pharmacists and healthcare leaders.

About Grifols Hospital Division

Grifols Hospital Division aims to take pharmacy technology and service to new levels of flexibility, proficiency, and accuracy with Grifols i.v.TOOLS™, a suite of scalable products and services designed to help meet the needs of pharmacies for safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance during compounded sterile preparation production. i.v.TOOLS™ includes:

  • KIRO® Oncology and KIRO® SP robotics for automated compounding of sterile preparations
  • Misterium® cleanrooms, equipment, and engineering services
  • Phocus® Rx IV workflow management systems
  • Gri-Fill® semi-automated compounder
  • DOSI-FUSER® single-use, continuous-infusion devices