Award Winners at the Sixth Edition of the Martín Villar Research Awards


Grifols is a company which is committed to encouraging scientific investigation; one of the ways does this is through the Martín Villar Awards for research into haemostasis. At the sixth edition of the awards the panel of judges, made up of specialists in this field, decided to make awards to the following researchers and publications:

First Prize

The publication "Factor VIII inhibitors: von Willebrand factor makes a difference in vitro and in vivo" by Shi Q, Kuether EL, Schroeder JA, Perry CL, Fahs SA, Cox Gill J, Montgomery RR. (Department of Pediatrics, Medical College of Wisconsin; USA Blood Research Institute, BloodCenter of Wisconsin; USA Children's Research Institute, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Milwaukee, WI, USA)

This study is a significant contribution to the hotly debated issue on the efficacy of the hemostatic clinical effect of FVIII products containing VWF in the treatment of hemophilic patients with inhibitors. Using both in vitro -a chromogenic-based Bethesda assay- and in vivo -hemophilia A mouse models- techniques, the authors demonstrate that VWF exerts a protective effect, reducing inhibitor inactivation of FVIII.

Second Prize

The publication "A murine model to characterize the antithrombotic effect of molecules targeting human von Willebrand factor" by Navarrete AM, Casari C, Legendre P, Marx I, Hu JR, Lenting PJ, Christophe OD, Denis CV. (Inserm U770; Unite Mixte de Recherche S770, Université Paris Sud. Le Kremlin-Bicêtre. France)

In the absence of accessible animal models for the study of specific human VWF targeting molecules in thrombosis, the authors have developed a promising in vivo tool using site-directed mutagenesis and hydrodynamic injection techniques.
In this model, only human VWF with a complete murine A1 domain insertion was able to correct bleeding in vivo and form occlusive thrombi.

Third Prize

The publication "Characterisation of von Willebrand factor A1 domain mutants I1416N and I1416T: correlation of clinical phenotype with flow-based platelet adhesion" by McKinnon TA, Nowak AA, Cutler J, Riddell AF, Laffan MA, Millar CM. (Centre for Haematology, Imperial College London Haemostasis and Thrombosis Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust. London, UK)