Our Leadership

Victor Grifols
President & CEO of Grifols, S.A.

Víctor Grífols Roura was born in Barcelona in 1950. He studied Business Administration at the University of Barcelona. He joined Grifols in 1973 as Export Manager and later went on to assume the role of Director of Sales of the company. During the eighties he was at the forefront of the company's growth across the Spanish market. In 1985 he succeeded his father in the position of CEO and in 1987 he proceeded to reorganize the entire structure of the Grifols holding and to propel the company's international growth, which commenced in Portugal and Latin America and culminated recently with subsidiaries in twenty-four countries around the world.

In 2001, he takes over from his father as president of the group, and is the driving force in a series of corporate acquisitions, essentially in the United States, that will convert Grifols into the world's leading supplier of plasma and its third-largest producer of plasma therapies. The American Chamber of Commerce in Spain presented Víctor Grífols with the Global Business Leader Award in 2010 in recognition of his professional career and the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce nominated him Business Leader of the Year in 2011.

Greg Rich
CEO of Grifols North American Operations

Joel Abelson
President, North American Commercial Operations

Mr. Abelson joined Grifols in March 2006 as Vice President of Canadian and Intercontinental Commercial Operations, with responsibilities for the planning and establishment of Grifols' Canadian business and Grifols' commercial operations in all markets outside the U.S. and Europe.

Prior to joining Grifols, Mr. Abelson was with Bayer Healthcare where he held several senior management positions in Canada and the U.S., including Vice President of Global Strategic Marketing, where he was responsible for marketing strategies across the entire product portfolio.  Prior to that, he was Vice President, Immunology Life Cycle Management, where he was responsible for strategic marketing and preparing the company for the launch of Gamunex® (Immune Globulin Intravenous [Human], 10% Caprylate / Chromatography Purified).

Prior to joining the private sector, Mr. Abelson held various policy and management positions with the Government of Ontario, Canada including service in the Cabinet Office as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Premier's Policy and Priorities Committee.  He also led the Province's joint private/public sector health economic development initiative to accelerate the growth of the Province's pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device sectors.

Mr. Abelson has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and a Master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Toronto