Our Donors

Why Donate Plasma? 

Many diseases and infections cannot be adequately treated with traditional pharmaceutical drugs. Rather, they only respond to treatment with specialized therapies made from proteins that are found in human plasma, the liquid portion of blood.

Grifols relies on individuals to donate their plasma in order to provide the source material for our protein therapies. Through an advanced manufacturing process, we extract the vital proteins from plasma and transform them into specialized therapies for patients with rare, chronic and life-threatening conditions.

To ensure a consistent, reliable source of plasma, we own and operate 147 plasma donor centers across the U.S.  All donors undergo a thorough medical examination, and their plasma is rigorously tested using FDA-approved methods to ensure that it meets stringent qualifications for use in our therapeutic products. 

We compensate individuals for their time and generosity following each donation, and we encourage them to donate on a routine basis.

To learn more about donating plasma, please visit one of our three plasma donation platforms: