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Phocus Rx®

Workflow management system

Phocus Rx® is a noninvasive workflow management system for remote validation and documentation of manual IV compounding processes.

The system promotes USP <797> and <800> compliance by ensuring proper dose preparation, drug identification, and reduced occupational exposure.
Phocus Rx® integrates with your Pharmacy Information System (PIS) to enhance workflow for patient-specific and batch preparations, and facilitates proper preparation, remote inspection, and dose tracking. The system maintains a real-time electronic data warehouse and preparation history for drug traceability, retrospective reviewing, and business decision analyses.


Key Benefits
Safety, Quality, and Compliance
  • Noninvasive system separates wires and devices from the compounding area
  • Barcode verification confirms right drug is used in each preparation
  • Lot and expiration tracking and control
  • Real-time tracking of CSP production
  • Detailed documentation of compounding processes for quality management purposes
  • High-resolution imaging with zoom capability for clear visualization of names, numbers, labels, drugs, and syringes
  • Voice-recognition feature for hands-free operation minimizes contamination risks
Ease and Efficiency
  • Integrates with your Pharmacy Information System (PIS) via label print feeds, label scans or HL7 interface
  • Adaptable to any type of hood or open compounding environment
  • Remote verification from many platforms: PC, Mac, tablet


Phocus Rx®  Options

Adapted Solution

Powerful, compact cameras located in the clean room ceiling; medical-grade touchscreen computer supported by an articulated arm attached to the ceiling or wall



Embedded Solution 

Cameras and a medical grade touchscreen enclosed within the laminar flow hood or biological safety cabinet




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