Modular cleanroom solutions and operational consulting services

Grifols Misterium® is more than a modular cleanroom system - it is complemented by our operational and design experts for hospitals, pharmacies, 503-A and 503-B compounding operations, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Whether being used for compounding sterile products, hazardous IV preparations, handling cell cultures, or conducting gene therapy, there is a suitable Misterium® solution for meeting our clients' needs for complying with applicable regulations and guidelines.
As a leading provider of world-class products and services for compounding and hospital pharmacies, we have designed and constructed more than 2 million square feet of cleanrooms worldwide, including more than 400 hospital cleanroom projects.
Complete cleanroom solutions and services, from planning and design through go-live

Key Benefits:

Compliance and Safety

  • Services and solutions that guide and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations
  • Floor and ceiling plans
  • Airflow analysis
  • Engineering design
  • Workflow analysis and space planning
  • Materials, construction and project management
  • Advanced environmental monitoring systems
  • IV workflow management technologies
  • Sterile compounding automation
  • Special inventory management solutions for cleanroom environments
  • Customized equipment as negative pressure storage devices, HEPA-filtered pass-through and more
  • Certification by a third-party CETA certifier
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) package


Contact information

To request additional information, please contact our Hospital Division customer service at +1 800 379 0957 or send an e-mail to hospital.division@grifols.com.



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