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The secret to complex serology is in the genes

ID HPA XT is sold in the US and Canada for Research Use Only.
Not for use in diagnostic procedures

ID HPA XT is a fast and effective solution for molecular typing of 12 HPA systems, designed and manufactured by Grifols*. Based on Luminex xMAP® technology**, ID HPA XT is a qualitative genotyping assay for the simultaneous identification of multiple alleles encoding human platelet antigens (HPAs) in genomic DNA extracted from whole blood specimens collected in EDTA.

The test analyzes 13 polymorphisms to predict the presence of18 HPA phenotypes in 12 groups, including: HPA-1, HPA-2, HPA-3, HPA-4, HPA-5, HPA-6, HPA-7, HPA-8, HPA-9, HPA-10, HPA-11, and HPA-15. This test can be used to obtain in-depth knowledge of samples under study.

Molecular genotyping has been shown to be an extremely effective technique with many potential advantages over traditional serology.1

BLOODchip® ID is the fastest and most effective solution for human platelet antigen typing.


  • Single multiplex PCR
  • No filtration required
  • Only 4 tubes to pipette
  • Access to Grifols experts for complex queries


  • 4h overall time from DNA to result
  • 30 min hands on time


  • From 1 to 96 samples per run
  • ID CORE XT and ID HPA XT can be performed in the same run

Human platelet antigens Alleles assayed Predicted phenotypes (anigens)
HPA-1 HPA1a, HPA1b HPA-1a, HPA-1b
HPA-2 HPA2a, HPA2b HPA-2a, HPA-2b
HPA-3 HPA3a, HPA3b HPA-3a, HPA-3b
HPA-4 HPA4a, HPA4b HPA-4a, HPA-4b
HPA-5 HPA5a, HPA5b HPA-5a, HPA-5b
HPA-6 HPA6a, HPA6b HPA-6bw
HPA-7 HPA7a, HPA7b HPA-7bw
HPA-8 HPA8a, HPA8b HPA-8bw
HPA-9 HPA9a, HPA9b HPA-9bw
HPA-10 HPA10a, HPA10b HPA-10bw
HPA-11 HPA11a, HPA11b HPA-11bw
HPA-15 HPA15a, HPA15b HPA-15a, HPA-15b


Each kit contains reagents for up to 48 tests.

* ID HPA is manufactured by Progenika, a Grifols company
** Luminex is a trademark of Luminex Corporation


1 Cushing MM, Am I Hematol (87), 2012.